The Great YouTube Experiment

17 May

The Great YouTube Experiment

Hi there, About 2 years ago, I started uploading student shot guitar lesson videos to YouTube as a resource for my private students if they got stuck at home. I had no idea that the channel would be watched by anyone else...  Now, 2 years later the channel has just passed 205,000 views. It's been interesting which videos have been the most popular.  At number 1,...

12 Dec

Why is my electric guitar buzzing? It’s so annoying!

Hey there, Electric guitar buzzing   One of my students today was asking why his electric guitar buzzes annoyingly at home and why it doesn't when he comes to lessons. So I started running him through it.  I started explaining that the buzzing sound is either a Ground Loop or Electromagnetic Interference, usually the latter.  As I watched his eyes glaze over a bit, I thought...

18 Sep

4 Chords and the Truth

It never fails to amaze me that there are so many amazing (and not so amazing) songs written with just 4 chords. When you start really thinking about it, what's more astounding is that new, individual songs are written every day with the same four chords.Yet they don't all sound the same. You can even play the same four chords, in the same order, at...