Say Wah! 10 of the Greatest Wah Pedal Songs of All Time (VIDEO)

I love the wah wah, I know it isn’t the coolest thing right now for guitar players (that’ll be massive delays and reverbs) – but you’ve got to say it has had a phenomenal impact on popular music.  That’s why I loved this article – the top 10 wah songs of all time (no prizes for guessing #1).

The wah wah was the second pedal I ever bought (after having gone for a Boss DS-1 of course).  The reason I ended up with a Jim Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95 rather than the Vox was because the local guitar store in my small town only sold Cry Babys.  I’ve had both, but always come back to the Cry Baby over the Vox.

Some of my favourite guitar players have played it, from the obvious ones like Jimi Hendrix and Slash – to other guys whose names you might not know, but guitar playing you have definitely heard. Wah Wah Watson for example.  To find out more on Melvin Watson – check out this nice bio here.

Oh and whilst I’m thinking about other cool online resources, you should definitely check out ‘Cry Baby – The Pedal that Rocks the World’ for an excellent history on this groundbreaking effect.  The documentary covers invention, design history and some great interviews with the world’s greatest guitar players.  Everyone is in it! Check it out at YouTube.

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Source: Say Wah! 10 of the Greatest Wah Pedal Songs of All Time (VIDEO)