Musicvox Space Cadet

6 String Deals – weird and wonderful guitar reviews

Every so often I’ll post some content from another site in the guitar blogosphere…

Today it is 6 String Deals.

A friend of mine put me on to it and they review weird and wonderful fringe guitars – no Fender, Gibson or Taylors here.  Better yet, the guitar reviews are review affordable, individual guitars from new and established guitar makers.

This review of the MusicVox Space Cadet is typical and it sounds great…  Let me know if you get one, I’d love to give it a try, doubt they’ll be stocked at Billy Hydes any time soon….




Musicvox Space Cadet

September 20, 2012

The Musicvox Space Cadet is a beast, and I mean that is the best way possible.

Looking like a Les Paul mated with a Telecaster and created a new species of 6 stringed goodness, the Space Cadet still manages to create an identity all its own.

Made by the wonderful boutique guitar company from New Jersey that gave us the Space Ranger Musicvox-see earlier review,) The Space Cadet is a bolt-on, solid body , two humbucker, 6 string slab o’goodness.

I unpacked the guitar, slapped on some new strings and took it to practice. I tuned it once.

Two and a half hours later, I unplugged it and placed it back in its gig bag- totally satisfied with the experience of playing. The bridge pickup through a minimal amount of gain produced a meaty sound while retaining enough brightness to cut through and give my guitar placement in the rather loud room mix.

It is not often that a guitar moves into main instrument status after one playing session, but I am satisfied and trusting enough of this beauty to play it this coming weekend at a rather large festival.

I cannot recommend this instrument enough. If it fits your budget- it will meet your needs.

If you buy one- tell ‘em we sent ya…. review:

For $829.00 you are getting a guitar that hangs with the best of the overpriced American Made guitars. Bonus fact: this one looks cooler.