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Best Blues Album of all time!

Hey folks, 

How are you? Here’s something I thought I’d share…

I was teaching an impro lesson and we were focusing on soloing over 12 bar blues (I-IV-V). It’s a great way to get into soloing btw, there are only a few chords and that allows you to have time to think about the underlying chord and land the right notes on the right chord. Anyway, I was thinking about some great blues albums to recommend and I put a little list together (below).

My number one favourite and Best Blues Album of All Time is and will always be B B King’s Live at the Regal. 

It’s a powerhouse of a record and if you haven’t heard it, you really must. The control he has over the band and the complete mastery of the guitar is amazing. Plus the singing. Blimey. Oh and the monologues are like a mini time machine.

– B B King Live at the Regal –
– Freddy King –
– Junior Wells’ Chicago Blues Band With Buddy Guy –
– Howlin Wolf – Smokestack Lightning (not the original version, but I love this one) –
– Bluesbreakers w Eric Clapton (Clapton is 20 on this record!!) – 
– SRV Pride and Joy

So, go have a listen!

Did I miss your favourite? What’s your Best Blues Album of All Time. Let me know in the comments below!
‘See’ you soon


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