You really can run your rig 11 ways without re-patching your pedalboard! 

Today I wanted to show you how you can run your rig in 11 different ways without re-patching your entire rig.  This is the ultimate in flexibility for the gigging musician who plays different venue types and sizes.  The ability to stay flexible and work with your sound engineer rather than against is going to help you and pay dividends for your future gigs! 

What is chorus and how do I use it?

The chorus effect is a popular guitar and keyboard effect that creates a shimmering, rich sound by combining the original signal with a slightly delayed and detuned version of itself. This effect can be achieved with both analog and digital pedals and processors, and has been used by musicians in a wide range of genres for decades.

What are the best overdrive pedals for guitar?

What is overdrive and what are the best overdrive pedals for guitar? Here’s an explainer and a look at some of the classic pedals available.

Why should I learn the Guitar?

Why learn the guitar? There are a heap of benefits! Read on to find out more…

What’s the best way to find the best guitar teacher for me?

Are you looking for guitar lessons? Here’s an article on things to look for in the perfect guitar teacher for you!

You Am I – Purple Sneakers

I love Tim Rogers. I wasn’t here in Sydney in the 1990’s when You Am I really were at their peak, but I’ve got heaps of friends who absolutely loved them. My mate Danny ran the You Am I fan club for a few years. He’s absolutely still obsessed with them and regularly finds bits of You Am I memorabilia under his bed.

5 Great Songwriting Tips

Putting some rigour around your songwriting will yield great results. And many more songs! Check out these 5 great songwriting tips

32 Remarkable Benefits of Playing Guitar

If you’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar, now is the time to start! Believe it or not, there are some seriously impressive benefits associated with this popular activity… from boosting your physical and mental wellbeing to making you smarter, happier, and even more creative.

Best Blues Album of all time!

Best Blues Album of All Time is and will always be B B King’s Live at the Regal….

How’d They Get That Sound? Studio Tricks on 6 Famous Songs

Ever wonder how the Beatles, Stones and Kinks got their great guitar sounds? Read on!

Big amps are dead! Why you should check out 15w guitar amplifiers…

Let’s talk about tube amps. Big vs small, what my experience has been and why I think you need a sub 22 watt amp…

The Great Standby Switch Myth

It’s a long-standing debate about what the standby switches on Fender amps are used for. That’s why Sweetwater‘s own tube amp expert, Greg Bowers, decided to clear things up and end the debate once and for all.

10 Effective Steps to Learn How to Play Jazz Guitar

Learning to play jazz guitar can be a tough task. There are many out there who claim to have the quintessential “tried and true” method. I will not make any such claims, but I will give you ten steps, or perhaps tips, that you can use to improve and be on your way.

Beatle Gear : How to Get Beatle sounds out of 3 Modern Pedals (via

With the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road happening a few weeks ago on 26 September, Reverb didn’t want to miss the boat on introducing us to a bunch of Beatles inspired pedals. I can feel the GAS coming on.

How do you discover new music?

One thing I’ve struggled with as I’ve got older is finding cool, new music to listen to. 

Best Guitar Warm up exercise ever! – YouTube – Ray Wood

I found this great guitar warm up exercise on YouTube today and I thought I would share. 

It’s an arpeggio style exercise over A Major. 

The Top 50 Jazz Guitarists Of All Time

Today it is simple – Jazz Guitarists – and a top 50 list of the best Jazz Guitarists ever. 

Before you say, “urrgghh, Jazz” – have a look and a listen. 

Warm-Up Time: 11 Exercises That Will Help You Play Even Better

One thing I am always going on about during lessons is that a warm up is an integral part of your practice. 

Here’s a list of the best 11 warm ups!

So does string gauge really make a difference to your guitar sound?

For the last maybe 20 or so years I’ve only used 10-46 strings across all my guitars… until now…

Free guitar exercises to improve your technical skills

Guitar drills work. Fact! Here is a great list to help you become a better player…

Say Wah! 10 of the Greatest Wah Pedal Songs of All Time (VIDEO)

The wah’s had a phenomenal impact on music.  Here’s ten of the best wah tunes…

How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online – 2015 Remix — Information is Beautiful

I’m regularly asked, “so how does Spotify work when you are an artist?  
Here’s the lowdown…

The Best-Selling Guitar Amplifier of 2016 | via Reverb

Tubes are still the go to choice, but preferences are a changin’…

How to learn intervals

Intervals can be tricky to memorise, here’s an easy way to do it!

Xotic EP Booster Demo

A very quick Xotic EP Booster demo that I recorded on my phone (I know, the horror) for my friend Kitch ( Blog

Like you, I love reading music and especially guitar blogs around the ‘net.

Here’s a look at a tube amp blog I loved…

The Great YouTube Experiment

About 2 years ago, I started uploading student shot guitar lesson videos to YouTube as a resource for my private students…. and the result?

How To Sound Like The Rolling Stones…

Part of it is in the gear choices… Potent Pairings if you will…

Top 5 Songs of All Time

A friend of mine recently shared this fantastic website with me last week.  The best thing about it however, is the forgotten tunes and bands….

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Fender Stratocaster

Check out these 5 Stratocaster must-knows!

How to get the best guitar tone

I think every guitarist I have ever encountered is on their own quest for the ‘perfect tone’……

How Do I Build A Pedalboard?

So you’ve spent money on getting a nice bunch of pedals and now it is time to put them all together.

Here’s your – How to build a Pedalboard 101!

The Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Guitar Playing Now

Like right now! What are you waiting for?

Why is my electric guitar buzzing? It’s so annoying!

Here’s a comprehensive (and easy to follow) video…

How to fix sticky guitar neck

Today I’m going to run you through ‘how to fix sticky guitar neck’.

Ibanez TSA15H 15watt Tube Amplifier Review

When I first started this blog, I promised among other things some gear reviews. Here’s one!

For the love of playing guitar

One of the reasons I love teaching after all these years is that it re-connects me to why I learnt to play guitar in the first place.  

Do I need a new guitar?

You know the perfect number of guitars is the number you own plus one, right?

#16 – How do you make money from music online?

Check out this great explainer from Information is Beautiful..

Back to Baroque (has illegal downloading killed music?)

Not so much a blog about guitars this time, but I guess more a ramble about ‘art’.

Just how important is a guitar stand?

It’s very, very, very important. Very. Especially if you want your guitar to stay in one piece…

How often should I restring my guitar?

Here is a quick list to help you make up your mind…

How do I restring my guitar?

Learn how Dave from Martin Guitars does it! Video tutorial…

6 String Deals – weird and wonderful guitar reviews

The weird and wonderful world of small name guitars… grab a bargain!

4 Chords and the Truth

How many chords do you know? If it’s 3 or more there are hundreds of songs you can play!

How do you remember all the chords?

It’s easier than you think!

#15 – Crowdfunding

The do’s, don’ts and very worth the read.

How do I buy an electric guitar?

I often get asked for advice on how to buy an electric guitar.  Which one is the best one? How much will it cost?  Any particular brands?

It’s all in the….timing

Timing has an enormous affect on how good you sound as a guitarist. Just like other aspects of musicality, timing is a skill that can be learned and improved with practice!

#14 – How to get your music on the Radio

How to get your music on the radio – in a few easy steps!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice – the most fundamental thing about learning the guitar.

#13 – Gigs and Clubs….

Want to support live music? It’s easy, regularly go see a gig or ten…

#12 – The artist 1-pager

I saw this today at CDBaby and thought it was definitely worth a repost….

#11 – So you want to be a pop star?

Recently I received an email from an artist in Perth, WA who like a lot of us always seems to be one step short of making it big….

#10 – Finished recording? Think about your release date!

Sometimes, it’s better to wait…

#9 – So I’ve recorded my music what now?

How do you get your music ‘out there’? Read on…

#8 – You’ve just got to check out this blog…Derek Sivers

I love reading this guy’s words – you will too…

#7 – I want to record my songs. How much is it going to cost?

A simple how to – including rundown of recording costs…

#6 – Building a Music Career online with David Nevue

The internet is an irreplaceable tool for music promotion, but is it possible to build a music career in cyberspace alone?

#5 – 11 Things a successful website needs!

What does you site need to be successful? Start with these 11 ideas and you’re well on your way…

#4 – How to find the right producer for you

Installment 4 of the Record Factory Blog… Getting the team together!

#3 – Strategies for promoting your music on the internet

A quick list to help you become a promo master!


How to be a music business professional… Here’s a how to guide.

#1 – Relationships

A run down of the importance of relationships in music (and life)…