01 Jun

Best Guitar Warm up exercise ever! – YouTube – Ray Wood

Hi folks, I found this great guitar warm up exercise on YouTube today ( and I thought I would share.  It's an arpeggio style exercise over A Major.  So big thanks to Ray Wood and the PBFWorship channel. I liked it so much that I wrote a tab at Visit my guitar lessons channel at for other guitar warm ups. Cheers, Simon

20 Mar

The Top 50 Jazz Guitarists Of All Time

Jazz Guitarists Hey there, Today it is simple - Jazz Guitarists - and a top 50 list of the best Jazz Guitarists ever.  Before you say, "urrgghh, Jazz" - have a look and a listen.  Some of these jazz guitar players have played on the some of the most important records ever! What I got out of the list was a reminder of the continuing influence...

05 Mar

Warm-Up Time: 11 Exercises That Will Help You Play Even Better

One thing I am always going on about during lessons is that a warm up is an integral part of your practice.  Before you do any sport you do stretches and a warm-up right?  Well, the exact same thing applies to the guitar.  Plus all the warm-up exercises will help you play better than ever. Sounds good huh? Let's get into it. If you are...

07 Feb

So does string gauge really make a difference to your guitar sound?

Straight to the chase today - it's about string gauge.  Does string gauge really make a difference to your guitar sound?  For the last maybe 20 or so years I've only used 10-46 strings across all my guitars from Stratocasters to Telecasters and Gibsons to Rickenbackers. They feel right to me (plus I buy them in bulk, so it kind of makes sense to use...

12 Jul

Free guitar exercises to improve your technical skills

Hi there, I regularly teach a bunch of drills and guitar exercises around major, minor, chromatic and pentatonic scales to help improve general guitar technique.  Even good old alternate picking exercises. To that end I started putting together a resource to send students that would encompass a bunch of those things - then about half an hour in, I thought I would have a quick...

06 Mar

Say Wah! 10 of the Greatest Wah Pedal Songs of All Time (VIDEO)

I love the wah wah, I know it isn't the coolest thing right now for guitar players (that'll be massive delays and reverbs) - but you've got to say it has had a phenomenal impact on popular music.  That's why I loved this article - the top 10 wah songs of all time (no prizes for guessing #1). The wah wah was the second pedal...

28 Feb

How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online – 2015 Remix — Information is Beautiful

How many CD sales, downloads or streams does a musician need to get to make minimum wage? Are musicians best off with Spotify, Tidal, or going old-school? Source: How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online – 2015 Remix — Information is Beautiful I'm regularly asked, "so how does Spotify work when you are an artist?  How do you get paid for plays on their system?...

12 Dec

The Best-Selling Guitar Amplifier of 2016 | via Reverb

I love guitar amplifiers and I'm always on the lookout interesting guitar amplifier stories.  This week delivered this peach into my mailbox and I thought it too interesting not to share. My initial reaction was surprise, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense.  People just aren't going for those massive 100w heads anymore.  There definitely seems to be a...

03 Sep

How to learn intervals

How to learn intervals Hi there, I was just discussing intervals in a class today and remember this really handy site Intervals can be tricky to memorise, so putting them to a tune it a great way to really get hang of them.  You'll be able to conjure up major fourths, minor seconds and tritones in no time with this method. Here is the...

31 Aug

Xotic EP Booster Demo

A very quick Xotic EP Booster demo that I recorded on my phone (I know, the horror) for my friend Kitch (  Thought maybe someone else might be interested... you never know. This Xotic EP Booster is based on the preamp circuit of an EchoPlex EP3 pedal.  I understand that folks used to use these things to boost the signal, acting as a preamp and...

30 Aug Blog

Hi there, Like you, I love reading music and especially guitar blogs around the 'net. I've re-posted content from before.  Look, I know they want to encourage your GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), but they do write some really interesting stuff on gear. This one I've picked out today is no exception, I'm actually a big fan of the less popular brands of gear and...

17 May

The Great YouTube Experiment

Hi there, About 2 years ago, I started uploading student shot guitar lesson videos to YouTube as a resource for my private students if they got stuck at home. I had no idea that the channel would be watched by anyone else...  Now, 2 years later the channel has just passed 205,000 views. It's been interesting which videos have been the most popular.  At number 1,...

16 May

How To Sound Like The Rolling Stones | Potent Pedal Pairings – YouTube

Just caught this via my email subscription to  Sure they are trying to sell you gear, but I love this series of 'Potent Pedal Pairings'.  There are heaps of them - including a great Jimmy Page episode.  

07 May

Top 5 Songs of All Time

A friend of mine recently shared this fantastic website with me last week.  I can't stop going back to it, just to see if The Beatles really did dominate the 60s or if Michael Jackson was a ubiquitous as I thought in the 80s.  I turns about that yes they were both massive acts.  The best thing about it however, is the forgotten tunes and...

28 Apr

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Fender Stratocaster

So in my wondering down the rabbit hole of the internet and I found this really cool video. If you are a Fender Stratocaster person it is well worth checking out... 5 things about your Stratocaster you might not have known. Whilst you are at the video, subscribe, there are heaps of other cool tips to pick up from Phillip...    

18 May

How to get the best guitar tone

Hi folks, I've been really enjoying reading a bunch of posts up at  Look, I know they are a big (but cool) auction site, and yes, I guess it is in their interest to encourage you to buy as much stuff as possible, but I loved this post by Shawn Persinger. I think every musician I have ever encountered is on their own quest for...