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“Simon is a master guitar teacher, very skilled and enthusiastic about helping you improve your level to where you want to take it. I have had lessons both face to face and currently on Zoom which works incredibly well."
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See exactly how online lessons work in this 2 minute summary video. For a longer version CLICK HERE


1. What technology do I need?

All you’ll need is a laptop, tablet or phone with a built in camera/mic. The setup is very low-tech. You’ll also need an email address that’s easily accessible via the device you’re using. We will be using a free video conferencing program called Zoom. I will send you a link via email a few minutes before the lesson. All you need to do is click on it and you’ll be in video contact with the me! Oh and a guitar. You’ll need a guitar.

2. What will we learn?

Anything you like, from rock to blues and pop to country! Just send me a list of a few things you want to learn and we will start there. Prior to our lesson I will email you all lesson materials (PDFs and/or mp3s). If you are having trouble choosing, I also have a massive repertoire of over 3,000 songs for you to choose from. It’s available at https://simonmorel.com/wpcontent/uploads/2019/09/Lessons-song-list-2019_9_11.pdf

3. How long are lessons?

All online lessons are 1 hour long. Once you book a time I will send you a calendar invite complete with your private Zoom link.

4. How does the money work?

Once you are booked in for a lesson, I will send my bank details to you for payment. Lessons are $100 per hour. After the first lesson, if you want to continue – and here’s hoping you will – payment is required 1 lesson in advance, so transfer $200 before your second lesson and then $100 prior to every subsequent lesson – that way you’ll always have one lesson ‘in the bank’.

5. What does an online lesson look like?

Check out this video I put together – https://youtu.be/3ckfiPXlD7g (2 minutes) https://youtu.be/-thjttybkOw (8 minutes)

 6. What if I’ve never played the guitar before?

I’ve been teaching guitar for over 20 years (and running online lessons for over 5 years) – it doesn’t matter what level you are. I’m confident I can help you!

7. How often should I have lessons?

If you a beginner/intermediate I recommend weekly lessons, if you have more experience, fortnightly lessons can work. However, you do need to make sure to keep up your practice schedule.

8. I have more questions!

Feel free to email me at simon@simonmorel.com or give me a call on +61 (0) 404 267 623.



Chris W
Simon has been teaching me for a number of years. He is extremely patient and is able to break down a lesson to give you the best way of practising anything that you are finding difficult. He also overlays the practical with theory. He will do a video, or frankly anything else that will help you.

Stephen F
Simon has been my teacher for more than a few years now. The lessons are always lots of fun and I continue to learn and improve every week. I started to play guitar in my late 40’s and at times its been a challenge. I don’t think I could have made the process I have without good teacher – and Simon has been fantastic (thanks so much). If you are considering taking lessons with Simon – my advice is just do it!

Sarah B
I’ve been a student of Simon’s for years’ now and love my weekly sessions. Simon tailors lessons to suit your personal goals in an non-intimidated enjoyable environment plus this guy can seriously rock out. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Stephen P
Simon is a lord. Think of everything you want from a great teacher and he is all of those things. A highly skilled working musician who practises what he preaches. Endlessly patient and encouraging. With his encyclopaedic knowledge of contemporary (and sometimes not so contemporary!) music, he focuses on teaching you the songs and styles you want to learn as well as the skills to play them. He infuses every lesson with great stories, fun and enthusiasm. I genuinely look forward to each session. And how many teachers can you say that about? An unreserved 5 stars.

Linda J
Simon is an exceptional guitar teacher! He is patient, encouraging and super talented.

Trish W
Just looked up the date of my first lesson with Simon (doesn’t everyone keep their recordings to practice with) – it was Aug 2011 wow! 8+ years and still going strong. Looking back, I recall that I spent a lot of time to find a guitar teacher who was a working musician plus would teach me guitar through the music I wanted to play. Since then, we’ve worked our way from acoustic to electric – rhythm, lead, blues, folk, indie, funk, oz rock, you name it! Simon’s ability to transcribe guitar parts for any song you give him, his depth of knowledge of music across the decades, and his skill in teaching technical skills as well as theory and building repertoire make him a rare musical dude. Plus he’s immensely patient, and honestly I could just turn up and listen to his stories. You’re crazy if you don’t choose him to be your teacher. But be aware too – he does have a habit of encouraging you to buy just one more guitar!

Matt H
I can’t recommend Simon’s guitar lessons highly enough! He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of music and guitars, coupled with unending patience when you are struggling. He has the ideal balance between depth of knowledge and the ability to teach it.

Adam G
I’ve been seeing Simon for around 6 months now, and after a few unsuccessful attempts to get serious about guitar-playing over the years I finally feel as if I’m improving, which is entirely due to Simon’s guidance. If you’re willing to put the hard work in and practice, Simon will support you with seemingly infinite technical and theoretical know-how, a deep knowledge of different musical genres, and most importantly, humour and patience. I’ve gone from being able to play the few Metallica riffs I learned 20 years ago in high school to learning about, and actually applying in a musical context, chord construction, scales, progressions, and the names of the notes on the fretboard, which are all things I assumed were beyond me. Highly recommended.

Lachlan M
Mr guitar Simon, took a 48 year old, from complete novice, to playing Hendrix and Satriani!! In few years. No one better. Tnx 😂

Marc L
Simon is an incredible musician and also a brilliant teacher. His patience is seemingly limitless and his approach to each lesson is to make the experience fun. Highly recommended.

Claudio P
Thank you Simon for letting me learn at my own pace. I never feel that I’m pressured, but I know I is up to me to practice as much as I am able. Always enjoy your lessons! Thanks again.

James P
Simon is a master guitar teacher, very skilled and enthusiastic about helping you improve your level to where you want to take it. I have had lessons both face to face and currently on Skype which works incredibly well. Having the tab/chords on screen (emailed to me by Simon) combined with his teaching makes the experience just as beneficial as in person. The other week he did a quick video clip for me of the finer details of the song we were working on. With this kind of service there is no way you can’t improve at a steady rate. Well worth it!

Danny M
Simon has a deep understanding of playing and listening to GREAT music, I think the magic lies within his approach, always fun and always productive.

Bill W
Simon is an excellent guitarist and a patient teacher. I did not start learning until a few years ago, when I turned 50 and I found Simon very easy to work with and flexible about what we worked on. Its a pleasure to recommend him.

Stephen B
I started lessons with Simon 6 months ago. I’m self-taught and have played for years but he’s built on what I already know with tailored music theory and scales, and has encouraged me to take on advanced songs I’d never previously thought were possible.

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