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What is chorus and how do I use it?

The chorus effect is a popular guitar and keyboard effect that creates a shimmering, rich sound by combining the original signal with a slightly delayed and detuned version of itself. This effect can be achieved with both analog and digital pedals and processors, and has been used by musicians in a wide range of genres for decades.

You Am I – Purple Sneakers

I love Tim Rogers. I wasn’t here in Sydney in the 1990’s when You Am I really were at their peak, but I’ve got heaps of friends who absolutely loved them. My mate Danny ran the You Am I fan club for a few years. He’s absolutely still obsessed with them and regularly finds bits of You Am I memorabilia under his bed.

The Great Standby Switch Myth

It’s a long-standing debate about what the standby switches on Fender amps are used for. That’s why Sweetwater‘s own tube amp expert, Greg Bowers, decided to clear things up and end the debate once and for all.