How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online – 2015 Remix — Information is Beautiful

28 Feb

How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online – 2015 Remix — Information is Beautiful

How many CD sales, downloads or streams does a musician need to get to make minimum wage? Are musicians best off with Spotify, Tidal, or going old-school? Source: How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online – 2015 Remix — Information is Beautiful I'm regularly asked, "so how does Spotify work when you are an artist?  How do you get paid for plays on their system?...

16 Aug

#16 – How do you make money from music online?

Funny thing happened today, a conversation I've been having with a lot of people lately was illustrated beautifully by this fantastic graphic from Information is Beautiful. It tied together a so many conversations about why musicians generally have day jobs.... In other news, I recently discovered the Lindsay Buckingham has a mortgage.  I was, to say the least, surprised by this.  Yes the Lindsay Buckingham...

10 Sep

#15 – Crowdfunding

Thanks to Arts Hub, here's a great article on crowdfunding.  The do's, don'ts and very worth the read.

20 Aug

#14 – How to get your stuff on the Radio

Hi, Just thought I'd pass along some excellent ideas from Amanda Easton on how to get on the radio. It's a great blog you should definitely check it out....this is part one of a three part blog - visit the blog at and Amanda's website at How to Get on the Radio, Part 1 Hi there, Having worked with 100s of indie artists through...

23 Jan

#13 – Gigs and Clubs….

This is a great blog from Dave Goldberg, an LA based Jazz muso on the difficulties of gigs, bookings and dealing with venue management. It's very timely and sadly applies everywhere.....

21 Nov

#12 – The artist 1-pager

Hi there, I saw this today at CDBaby and thought it was definitely worth a repost.... Subscribe to their newsletter - heaps and heaps of great info on writing an effective artist 1-pager and much more... Check this out Cheers, Simon

24 Apr

#11 – So you want to be a pop star?

Hi there and welcome to The Record Factory Blog, Recently I received an email from an artist in Perth, WA who like a lot of us always seems to be one step short of making it big. She's experienced writing sessions with big stars and been promised a lot of opportunities which never quite eventuate. I completely understand that this happens. If we all made...

15 Apr

#10 – Finished recording? Think about your release date!

Hi there, Not quite sure how it's April already, but there you go.... If you haven't checked out the great info at you really should.... Here's a great example of the type of stuff to be found.... I'll be back soon, in the meantime if The Record Factory can help out with any of your 'I want to make a CD' needs, email me....

25 Nov

#9 – So I’ve recorded my music what now?

Hi there and welcome to The Record Factory Blog, This blog is all about tips and tricks to help you get what you want out of your music career. I hope you find the info useful... If you have any questions, or are looking to make a cd and would like some free help, advice and contacts, please email me. Anyway, onto the task at...

22 Jul

#8 – You’ve just got to check out this blog…Derek Sivers

Hi there and welcome to The Record Factory Blog, It's simple this week... There's this guy called Derek Sivers. Amongst other things, Derek founded a internet music retailer called CD Baby, which sells independently released music. It is a great concept and I'd highly recommend it as a great distribution channel for all indie artists... Oh and (shameless plug alert) you can visit my artist...