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Why is my electric guitar buzzing? It’s so annoying!

Hey there,

Electric guitar buzzing

One of my students today was asking why his electric guitar buzzes annoyingly at home and why it doesn’t when he comes to lessons.

So I started running him through it.  I started explaining that the buzzing sound is either a Ground Loop or Electromagnetic Interference, usually the latter.  As I watched his eyes glaze over a bit, I thought maybe there’d be a video up somewhere that he could watch and rewind, then re-watch as necessary.  Helpfully, the internet being the internet, someone has already put something together and it is great.  His name is Nick Jaffe, he’s a Chicago based musician and he put together this comprehensive and easy to follow video…attached to this blog.

The quick and easy fix if the hum is really annoying you?  Switch to a hum cancelling position (on a telecaster the middle position), use a guitar with humbucking pickups (it will emit less hum than single coils) or move to an area away from transformers, A/C and cheap dimmer switches.

Hope you find it interesting… see you next time, Simon

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