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– Sessions for 2 – 8 people

– 6 x 1 hour classes

In addition to private lessons, I also offer group guitar lessons for two students.

As with my private lessons, my aim is to get you playing as quickly as possible. In lessons we’ll cover chords, some popular songs, scales and a little basic music theory.  You can be a complete beginner or have played before a bit and maybe let your skills lapse!

Each student will receive a chord ‘bible’, a folder to put all the course notes in, a selection of songs and a selection of video lessons to help your practice at home.

For more info, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 0404267623 to discuss. I’ve included testimonials at the bottom of this page.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

About me:

I’ve been teaching the guitar for 25 years and have played at venues throughout Australia, Japan and Europe. In Australia, I’ve played at all sorts of venues from The Basement to the Vanguard, RSLs to The Annandale.

To book, call me on 0404 267 623 or email

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  • Simon has provided me with exceptional guidance and support whilst exhibiting unending patience as I learn. He explains concepts and techniques clearly, makes them relevant to the music that I enjoy and most importantly, he makes the the whole experience fun. I thoroughly recommend Simon to anyone that wishes to learn guitar or improve their current skills.

  • “I’ve been learning to play the guitar for the last 4 months under the tuition of Simon Morel. Not only am I learning how to play my favourite songs, but I’m also enjoying it immensely. Simon’s nurturing approach certainly creates an easy to understand learning environment. I thought it would be a lot harder to learn how to play… especially at my age (48).”

  • “I started as a complete beginner with interest but also fear of the guitar. After about 6 weeks I am now able to play along to Radiohead and get some sounds out of the guitar which actually sound quite good!! Simon's approach to teaching has been awesome and in addition to teaching me the technical knowledge required, I have been able to learn songs I love which is what I ultimately want. The charts and information have been a massive help as they are easy to understand and follow. I have found the initial stages of learning to be fun and I am now completely addicted and no longer afraid of the guitar. This is thanks to a very passionate teacher. Thanks Simon.”

  • “I started taking lessons at the start of this year as an adult, without any prior experience or training. Today after only six months of lessons I can play several songs and eagerly await each lesson. Simon is a teacher of the highest calibre, who demonstrates considerable commitment to his students. I find that Simon teaches guitar in a way that keeps things simple to understand and easy to learn. He is able write down guitar tabs for most of my favourite songs after listening to them only once. This ability constantly amazes me. Simon’s methodology is comprehensive and engaging and combined with his guidance and encouragement I would recommend him highly to any prospective student”

  • “Simon makes lessons an enjoyable experience, combining practice with theory in just the right quantities. His approach is straightforward and he explains new concepts clearly. As a result I've learned a lot about how to become a better player, including gaining an understanding of the why and how of chord structure, as well as learning to play a whole lot of my favourite songs!”

  • “In my case, taking up the guitar was a little daunting! However, lessons with Simon over the past six months have been a lot of fun. His relaxed, flexible, friendly approach and his patience help me to find my way with the guitar. Simon ensures that each lesson is interesting (he has plenty of amusing anecdotes), enjoyable and inspiring. I go away motivated and with plenty of songs to practice.
    Working with my (somewhat limited) ability, Simon is quick to print out music to songs that I mention and like when they are right for my level. He is a good communicator and is always encouraging and very positive. Naturally he is a great guitar player and has a wealth of knowledge about the guitar and can play any style. He is undoubtedly committed to helping me play better and this above all inspires me to keep going. I would thoroughly recommend Simon to anyone thinking about taking guitar lessons - whatever their ability. It’s great fun.”

  • “I have been a guitar student of Simon’s for a number of months and have always found his lessons to be professional and constructive.
    Simon creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which to learn and tailors the lessons to suit the student’s ability and level of progress always ensuring one leaves challenged and encouraged to persevere.
    Simon is committed, enthusiastic and passionate about what he does which is infectious and I highly recommend him as a tutor.”

  • “The lessons have given me focus on what I want to achieve with my guitar playing - learning theory and the songs from my favourite artists. From this I‘m inspired to practice each day and I am improving quickly. Also I’m trying some songwriting with what I have learnt. The lessons are fun and are held in a music room I found creatively inspiring.”

  • “I was self taught in guitar and only played for personal enjoyment. I have been having guitar lessons for only a short while. Simon very quickly assessed what level of skill I was at, and adapted his lessons for me accordingly. He has shown me the basics of guitar and the structure of notes and chords, as well as giving me songs to play that I enjoy. This has given me a better understanding of what I was missing in my playing. Simon has made me feel comfortable in the lessons and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a musician and teacher.”

  • “I'm really enjoying the lessons and learning a lot, it's very easy to get along with Simon and he knows his stuff.. I would recommend to him to anyone.”

  • "Electric guitar is one of those instruments that generates a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning, but kids can quickly lose interest when they realise it requires practice, patience and a bit of dedication. My daughter began learning electric guitar with Simon, and has remained enthusiastic about the instrument ever since. Simon is a gentle teacher, but one with clear expectations and an inspiring style that has kept my daughter engaged and interested, even when it has been necessary to practice scales! His ability to play songs from her favourite bands is a definite advantage. I expect she'll be having fun playing guitar with Simon for a long time to come"

    Louise – Miriam’s (12) Mum
  • “Simon has a real knack for combining the boring (yet essential) theory with what essentially why you are there - to learn to play your favourite songs. Only in time have I realised how empowering this approach is - because it keeps you enthusiastic whilst also ensuring that you are learning the necessary theory to learn sustainably. This is important to me - as I feel like I am moving (albeit slowly!) to a point where I will be able to learn songs independently.
    Simon is an excellent communicator and obviously a special music talent. This essentially makes the lessons a pleasure to be involved in - you really feel like you are learning from a pro!”

  • "Simon is a truly inspiring teacher who takes a lot of trouble to keep his students interested and challenged, focusing on music they want to learn while broadening their musical horizons at the same time. His enthusiasm is infectious; he is always encouraging, and he makes it fun.
    We would unreservedly recommend him!"

    Shirley - Emmy’s (12) Mum