How does The Record Factory work?

How does The Record Factory work?

The Record Factory Model

Number one is that the services of The Record Factory to any music artist are free.

How we make our money is by charging the supplier (record producer, graphic artist, mastering studio…) a fee for introducing quality viable projects to them.

The Record Factory has spent years developing a network of reliable, professional business who are involved in every step of making a CD.  From recording to releasing your CD, we’re able to put you in touch with people who won’t waste your time, money or energy.

We’ll walk you through each step of the process, giving you free advice along the way.  Making a record should be one of the most fulfilling and fun things you as an artist can be.  We aim to ensure that it is…

Here’s an example of how the process works…

1.   Pete’s written the next great Australian rock album and wants to make a new CD

2.   New to the process, he calls Simon at The Record Factory

3.   They catch up over coffee and discuss what Pete wants out of the experience, his budget, if the Stones are really better than the Beatles, cool hairdos and whether he wants to make an EP or full-length album

4.   They also discuss music genres and what other kinds of artists Pete’s fans like

5.   Simon suggests a number of producers from his extensive network who have a passion for the genre and previous experience of making similar records

6.   Together Pete and Simon listen to a number of audio samples from all of the producers and discuss ballpark budgets

7.   Agreeing on 3 producers, Simon then sets up meetings for Pete and the 3 chosen producers so that Pete can make a final decision

8.   Simon comes along to the producer meeting with Pete (if required), making sure Pete’s comfortable with the people he’s meeting

9.   After the 3 meetings, Simon and Pete discuss the 3 producers… what kind of record can producer A get me for the money? I know producer B is more expensive, but his credits list is more extensive… I really felt I got on with producer C, but I wanted to work in an analog studio…

10.  Pete then chooses the producer of his choice, books the time and pays the producer 50% of the project budget

11.  Recording time is here! On the first day Simon is available to come along to the session for an hour or so if required

12.  Pete rocks out at the studio, re-writing rock history – Paul McCartney, Flea, Conor Oberst and Pink drop by to feel the vibe and help out on backing vocals

13.  Halfway through the project Pete pays the second installment of producer fee

14.  With the project progressing, Pete’s thinking about film clips and a suitable graphic artist, … Simon sets up meeting with film clip producers/graphic artists as he did with record producers… Simon also helps Pete to select mixing and mastering engineers

15.  With the audio component of the process over, Simon helps Pete select CD manufacturers and possibly press and marketing consultancies

16.  Having put together a professional and competitive product with the help of The Record Factory, Pete releases his CD…