Just how important is a guitar stand

Just how important is a guitar stand?


To those of a delicate disposition the following might be a bit much to bear, but read on….just take it as a cautionary tale.  If you don’t want to see the grizzly pics, just squint a little – you’ll be fine.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

See this?  This may be the best $30 you ever spend on guitar gear.  Sure, the Wah is winner and yes, that tube screamer is really awesome.  Why, yes Sir, the Fender Twin is a fab amp and those natty little Snark tuners are neat.  Capos – sure, they are handy.  But all of the above aren’t much use without a guitar.

Yes, this is a boring old guitar stand.  Built in Germany, solid, reliable, quality materials.  $30.

Now let me take you to a dinner party, at your place.  All your mates are there.  You’ve cracked some great wines and everyone’s having a great time, the meal you made was fantastic and well, the crème brûlée was out of this world.

“So how is the guitar going John*?” (*not real name)

“Pretty good, I’m enjoying it and the lessons are fun”

“Pull the guitar out and give us a tune?”


A great rendition of ‘Wish you Were Here’ is now underway – everyone is singing along.  John* is feeling great – not only has he smashed it with the crème brûlée he is also a Guitar God!

Rendition finished, John gets up to go and get another bottle of wine and puts the guitar on the chair.  The base of the guitar on the seat and the neck leaning against the back of the chair.  Looks safe enough.

On the way back from the kitchen with a Halliday-rated Shiraz, there is a HUGE crash.

Yup, you guessed it…..

I’ll put the pics in order of ouch, if you need to look away, please do so now.

Just remember to go and buy a guitar stand.

Doesn’t look so bad huh?


Houston, we have a problem…


I really should have bought that $30 guitar stand….