What is ‘RockStar for A Day’?

It’s an opportunity for amateur guitarists to experience a genuine recording session, complete with session band, guitar coach and recording engineer in a professional recording studio.

The ‘RockStar for a Day’ package includes:

– A 3 hour jam with a professional session band (bass, drums, vocals) in a pro studio

– A pro guitarist to help coach you through the experience, helping you every step of the way

– Charts are provided (if you’d like lessons prior to the day that can be arranged)

– A mixed CD of your performance

– Hire of amps, boutique guitars, music stands etc.  You have to provide your own groupies…

– Coffees and snacks to keep you going

Am I good enough?

There are guitar parts prepared for a variety of skill levels, beginner to intermediate, plus you can take a solo if you want to…  as always with RockStar for a Day you will have an on site guitar coach to help you every step of the way…

What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is your guitar and guitar strap (or choose from the obscenely awesome studio collection of boutique and vintage guitars!!)

The Studio 

Love Hz have many years of production experience, are really good bunch of people and have made records for international, national and local artists over a 20 year period.  They are always very friendly, professional and supportive.

The Band

Charlie Lee and Michael Carpenter will be on bass, drums and vocals.   They are extremely experienced musicians and they’ve been playing the rock canon all over Sydney (and the world) for years.  They’ve played on countless records and to top it all are really nice guys.