Simon Morel Discography

"For fans of superbly-crafted pop-songs who appreciate Jellyfish, Squeeze and The Posies this is the next album you should be adding to that shelf of special, classic pop albums."

Songs From The City

"This is a pretty perfect debut for a good old-fashioned pop singer."

Soul Messengers Discography

Soul Messengers’ sound is deeply rooted in soul, R&B and funk. It’s a sound that’s simultaneously dirty and luxurious.” Huffington Post

"This shit is the real deal and I loved every second of it." Ripple Music

"...if you miss out on ‘Dirty Soul’ you’re missing out on the soul album of the year.” PennyBlackMusic

There are so many so-called soul singers who just can’t cut it, Rich, on this showing and the live clips that are out there, proves that he certainly is the real thing.” PennyBlackMusic