Do I need a new guitar

Do I need a new guitar?

Do I need a new guitar?Do I need a new guitar?

Happened upon this great graphic today.  It was all about bicycles and the amazing thing that happens when you get really involved in something.  I’ve called it N+1 before.  You know the perfect number of guitars is the number you own plus that beautiful new [insert guitar name here].

So, I’m not really a bicycle kind of guy, but I am a guitars kind of guy, so I employed so PhotoShop trickery and hey presto.  Guitar obsession comedy gold in a flowchart.  What more could you ask?

Do you need a new guitar?

Er, yes. Probably a Gretsch DuoJet.  Green limo.  Thanks for asking…  I’ll let you check it out…  It’s just a google away.