Online Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons


“Simon is a master guitar teacher, very skilled and enthusiastic about helping you improve your level to where you want to take it. I have had lessons both face to face and currently on Skype which works incredibly well. Having the tab/chords on screen (emailed to me by Simon) combined with his teaching makes the experience just as beneficial as in person. The other week he did a quick video clip for me of the finer details of the song we were working on. With this kind of service there is no way you can’t improve at a steady rate. Well worth it! #highestcalibre”


Online Guitar Lessons (FAQ Click HERE)

In addition to the regular face to face private and group lessons I offer, I’m also able to offer private lessons over Skype and Zoom.  I have taught students from all over Australia in this way and providing we are prepared enough, it can be a rewarding and easy way to learn guitar in the comfort of your own home.

Typically, as James mentions above, I will email all the lesson materials to you.  Then we will run the lesson as if you were in my studio with me.

I’m happy to teach songs, solos, scales, theory, in fact whatever you would like us to do.  For all the material learnt you’ll receive clear and concise instructions detailing exactly ‘how to’.  You’re welcome to audio or video capture the lesson to help you out if you get stuck.  If you do have any questions in between lessons, I’m happy to provide tips on how to get back on track via email.

For more information on lessons, send me an email via my website or call on 0404267623.