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Interview for Songs from the City — Drum Media

Ever watched one of those great BBC drama series’ about life in the world of stockbrokers and assorted high flyers living large in contemporary London?  All very glamorous – birds, bars and fast cars – though the reality is probably nothing remotely like that.  Anyway, I didn’t ask singer songwriter Simon Morel about his former life as a stockbroker.  After all, he’s showing off his debut album, Songs from the City.


“I did the typical thing that heaps of people do – they play in bands when they’re kids and it comes to that serious ‘let’s make some money time otherwise all that money I spent at uni will be wasted’ and or about five or six years I did various jobs and realised that wasn’t really what I wanted to do at all.  So I left the job on a whim, bought one of those tickets that take to a whole bunch of places and ended up here.  I had other places to go, but I got here and I thought it was fantastic.  I didn’t really want to leave.  It felt very much like home straight-away, which is a bit odd I suppose.”

Not really when you consider that Morel was born in Jersey, one of the Channel Islands just off the coast of France, though very British, with a climate not dissimilar to Bondi with reasonable surf and a pretty laidback lifestyle.  So Morel got here – he wasn’t alone – he loved it, she went home, he rediscovered life as a single man and recently found the right girl, and it’s all there on Songs from the City.

“I’d like to dress it up, but I’m not going to – I write predominantly about girls!  IT’s the thing most people can relate to, there’s no point being obscure.  I don’t really enjoy the kinds of songwriting that doesn’t move me.  I doesn’t have to be about relationships but the things that I find move people are the things that are most personal to them.  That’s what I’ve found when I’ve played shows.  I’ve been doing two or three acoustic shows a week over the last year and a half and I’ve got some really nice feedback and that kind of led me down the path of thinking I should put an album out.

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