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1. Growing Up

I grew up on a healthy brew of my Mum’s love of Queen – band not the old lady – and my Dad’s love of Scalectrix.  This introduction to pop and top toys quickly led me to picking up guitar lessons at 8.  However, learning Polish folk tunes wasn’t what I had in mind and I managed to get my hands on an electric guitar at age 10.  While all the kids at school were listening to Megadeth and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, I went for guitar heroes like Hendrix, Harrison, Clapton and Page.  Then the Stone Roses/Charlatans/Blur thing happened and I was really hooked.

2. Inspirations

I love songs with stories that jump out of the song like ‘Up the Junction’ by Squeeze and ‘Pictures of Lily’ by The Who.  And you have to worship at the altar of Pete Townshend, George Harrison,  Brian May, Graham Coxon and John Squire.

3. Your Band

Here’s a big secret…surround yourself with great musos and you’ll look good too.  So in the band there’s Michael Carpenter (producer extraordinaire -bass), Russell Crawford (Drums), Amanda Easton (BVs) and Nick Beswick (Keys). They are all very cool people who share my love of pop music and all have their own projects.  It’s an absolute pleasure playing with them.

4. The Music You Make

I like to think I make Brit tinged indie pop.  I would love to be compared to Teenage Fanclub, The Kinks or Supergrass or even Squeeze.  This is my second solo album and I’ve imaginatively titled it ‘Record #2’, see what I did there?  And I’m delighted to say I recorded it with Marvellous Michael Carpenter at Love Hz in Leichhardt.  The man is not only a musical genius, but facilitates a great creative environment.  And there’s a pie shop next door.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

The scene over here is great.  There are lots of great bands making great tunes.  The musos are great, very gifted and great people too.  Compared to the UK I think there’s a lot less of ‘my band’s harder/better/cooler than your band’ stuff going on here, which is great.

At the mo I really love Michael Carpenter’s new CD SOOP#2, The Wellingtons and Sparkadia’s new EP. Overseas stuff that’s I’m loving? The Feeling, The Shins and The Beatles Love album (it’s more than just a cynical grab for Xmas cash – really!).  What’s next for me? Well, I’ve got some acoustic and band shows lined up for March, with the launch for ‘Record #2’ happening on March 18 at the Annandale.

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