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The Great YouTube Experiment

Hi there,

About 4 years ago, I started uploading student shot guitar lesson videos to YouTube as a resource for my private students if they got stuck at home.

I had no idea that the channel would be watched by anyone else…  Now, 4 years later the channel almost 1 million views.

It’s been interesting which videos have been the most popular.  At number 1, by a fair margin, is Metallica’s Mama Said, then Tame Impala – Less I know the better, Solomon Burke – How I got to Memphis, Foo Fighters – This is a call and Billy Bragg’s New England coming in at number 5…

And for the most part people are really positive.  I must say I thought I would be trolled to within an inch of my life, but it appears not.  I mean there are a few folks who have been less than complementary, but 99.9% have been lovely and appreciative.

So there you go – the great YouTube experiment has been a success.  You can check out the channel at, where there are over 200 lessons now available…

Source: Simon Morel – YouTube