The Record Factory

The Record Factory

Did we say for free?

The Record Factory is a music consultancy business with a simple aim, to make everything connected with releasing original music less stressful.

From experience we know that when you are new to releasing original music it’s hard to know who to go to to make your project come alive.   We are able to offer you free advice and contacts within the music industry.  Our contacts are all professionals with proven track records.  You will get value for money and a guarantee that your experience in making a record will be as good as it can be.

We want to give you better value for money.  We want to make sure you have a good experience along the way.  We want to offer you a satisfying, less stressful and more fun experience.

What’s more is that this service is FREE to you the artist.

How The Record Factory makes money is by charging the businesses a fee for bringing quality, viable projects to them.  We believe in transparency and are happy to tell you exactly what our fee is for each project.

In short, we take the worry and legwork out of making records and that allows you, the artist to concentrate on what you do best – making music.

How Does The Record Factory Work?
Who is The Record Factory?

The Record Factory Suppliers

The Record Factory has sought out Australia’s most awarded and best recording-related businesses with proven track records;

The Record Factory Model

• record producers
• mastering studios
• graphic artists
• record pluggers
• CD manufacturers
• music photographers
• music video producers
• session musicians
• press