Are you a music artist? And thinking about making a CD?

There’s a lot to consider before spending your hard-earned money, stamping your mark on music history.  There are a number of contacts you need to make in order to get your music recorded and commercially released.

Let us help you in meeting the best people for your project.

New to making records?


Whether it’s a demo, pre-production, EP, or full length album, we’ve sought out a range of professionals to match all types of projects in a number of genres.  Want to know exactly how it works? Click here

The Record Factory will guide you through the whole process from ‘I’ve got great songs – now what’ through helping you find the right producer for you with the certainty of knowing that you are getting maximum value for your hard-earned money and guaranteeing a great product.


After recording?


The Record Factory has a broad range of post recording specialists who’ll help you get your project out there…

they are all proven (some award winning) producers with experience of helping artists like you realise their projects.

– artwork houses
– mastering engineers
– CD manufacturers
– Press advisers
– film clip makers

So how does it work exactly?  Click here