Xotic EP Booster Demo

A very quick Xotic EP Booster demo that I recorded on my phone (I know, the horror) for my friend Kitch (www.kitchmusic.com).  Thought maybe someone else might be interested… you never know.

This Xotic EP Booster is based on the preamp circuit of an EchoPlex EP3 pedal.  I understand that folks used to use these things to boost the signal, acting as a preamp and making the amp work harder.  Folks like Jimmy Page and Eric Johnson.

Well, for most of us a 70s EchoPlex is out of the budget, so these canny folks at Xotic have borrowed the plans and put the preamp circuitry into a tiny, one knob pedal.  Inside the pedal itself there are 2 dip switches.  One is a 3db boost and the other is an EQ switch.  I’ve not experimented with these yet, I’ve just left them both on in what is the default setting.

So what is seems to be is a magical, makes your guitar sound better-er pedal.  The sound is broader and more defined, it seems to give the strings better touch and when placed after overdrive gives your sound more articulation.

In short, I love this thing, it makes your setup sound better.

EP Booster