You Am I – Purple Sneakers

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I love Tim Rogers. I wasn’t here in Sydney in the 1990’s when You Am I really were at their peak, but I’ve got heaps of friends who absolutely loved them. My mate Danny ran the You Am I fan club for a few years. He’s absolutely still obsessed with them and regularly finds bits of You Am I memorabilia under his bed. I think Danny even ran the number one You Am I tab site for a while. I think he told me once that he had learnt every single song that they had ever put out! Even on B-sides! So it’s fair to say he was a big fan.

I’m not as big a fan as Danny, but I do remember seeing You Am I at the Annandale Hotel when I first got to Australia in around 2001. I don’t know what it was about that gig, but there was something in the air that night and the band were on absolute fire. I couldn’t believe that this band weren’t known outside of Australia. Tim was absolutely magnetic. And then I saw Tim Rogers another time, I think it might have been at the Hopetoun, and let’s say it wasn’t quite as stellar as my first experience.

And I guess that’s why he’s somebody who does divide opinion. However, I love him! He’s a proper Rockstar and he writes absolutely fantastic songs. Oh, and by the way if you haven’t heard the solo records, do go check out ‘Tim Rogers and The Temperance Union’. Absolutely hilarious lyrics and some of the music is fantastic.

Anyway… I had a request to do Purple Sneakers by You Am I from one of my private students, so I’ve put together a video and chart which are both available now at Enjoy learning this bonafide Aussie classic!

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