Derek Sivers Founder CD Baby

#8 – You’ve just got to check out this blog…Derek Sivers

Hi there and welcome to The Record Factory Blog,

It’s simple this week… There’s this guy called Derek Sivers. Amongst other things, Derek founded a internet music retailer called CD Baby, which sells independently released music. It is a great concept and I’d highly recommend it as a great distribution channel for all indie artists… Oh and (shameless plug alert) you can visit my artist page at CDBaby by clicking here.

So, Derek recently sold CD Baby and now runs a couple of new ventures. He also writes a great blog – it is very inspiring, there’s some great ideas, great anecdotes and it is really readable. I’m hooked.  Visit it at

I hope you like Derek’s blog as much as I do and of course if you have any questions about recording a CD and would like some free help, advice and contacts, please email me.