Simon’s charts are first class. They are worth the very modest price of admission alone, but you also get so much more.
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Hello guitarists!

In addition gigging and guitar teaching here in Sydney, Australia, I’ve been making free YouTube guitar lessons since 2014. Recently I’ve further upped the quality of my weekly concise and easy to follow lessons by adding on-screen tabs and investing in better audio and video recording equipment.

Why Patreon?
With now close to 700 video lessons and 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, I am getting requests from my audience every day. While I am committed to supporting my YouTube students in the same way as my private students, requests for certain songs, solos, extra detail and/or charts for the lessons are not always possible – and this is where my Patreon page comes in.

With your support I will be able to spend more time on lessons, further improving the audio and video content of my lessons. 

That’s why I’m here – think of this page as an extension of my YouTube channel.  I am now your private online guitar teacher.

Here we will have exclusive content. Here you will now be able to get direct access to me to help you on your guitar ‘journey’ (OMG – Overused Cliché Alert!)

That will mean exclusive videos, PDF charts, tips and tricks and backing tracks. How about play along videos at 30%, 20% and 10% slower than the original song to help you nail those guitar parts? Or would you like to send me a video of your playing and get feedback? Or even a one-on-one Skype/Zoom mini lesson?

So thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to getting to know you and help you become an even better guitarist. Head on over to to sign up. 
Happy guitaring,