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Hi, thanks for visiting my website, great to see you.

I’m a Sydney (inner west) based musician with two solo records released, ‘Songs from the City’ and ‘Record #2’, check them out at The Shop. I also currently play guitar in Soul and RnB band Soul Messengers. Head over to my Music Page to check out tunes from my solo records and head over to the Soul Messengers’ Bandcamp site for the 3 Soul Messengers records.

In addition to the solo and Soul Messengers stuff, I’ve been working with a number of Sydney original artists as a guitar player and arranger. The projects range from rock through indie all the way to jazz and back to soul. For a taste of that stuff and to see where I’m playing next check out my Gigs & Sessions page.

I also offer Guitar Lessons at my inner west home studio in Leichhardt, NSW. It’s something that I have been doing now for more than 25 years and I love doing it. For more info on that, click the Lessons tab in the menu bar. I offer private and group lessons, plus I have YouTube channel featuring hundreds of free lessons – if you are able to support my YouTube lessons you can do that at Patreon. There you can get access to exclusive lessons, charts, one-on-one guitar coaching and more. I also run something called RockStar for a Day, where students have the opportunity to record in a pro recording studio… the ideal Xmas/birthday gift for the budding RockStar.

As well as the music writing, making, recording and teaching, I also run a few guitar communities via social media. The first one is YouTube, where twice a week I publish free guitar lessons, gear reviews and guitar backing tracks. The second is at Facebook where together with students we post a bunch of guitar related hysteria. You can also find me posting gorgeous guitar pics at Instagram. Check out my LinkTree for all the socials.

I write a couple of irregular Blogs. Simon Loves Guitars is an irregular blog about guitars; how to get better at playing; tips on buying guitars; simple gear maintenance; fun things to play and of course pics and articles on guitar gear. The Record Factory covers music industry info for original artists, speaking of which….

The Record Factory aims to provide free advice and contacts to music artists looking to record, master, manufacture and promote their own release. If that sounds like you, I’d be happy to hear from you…

So, go explore… see you somewhere soon!